Award-winning advertising agency Babel invited 360 Creative with Jules Renault to participate in a competition for the production of Bic’s newest commercial for its popular “Gel-ocity Quick Dry” pen.
Jules Renault directed the 30” spot titled “Battle Flow”, staging a fictional competition between “the world’s fastest rapper” and “the world’s fastest pen”, designed to determine which of these uncanny performers would be able to produce the most words per second, and ultimately be hailed as “the quickest”.
We casted rapper Mac Lethal, holder of a world record in ‘fast rapping’ with 1,000 words in 2 minutes and author of numerous fun YouTube videos and notable appearances on The Ellen Show. We collaborated with Mac Lethal to pen original “battle” lyrics and to create a track boosting the film’s concept, and flew him over to Europe to act in the film and its collateral pieces.
Jules Renault came up with a fun visual treatment sitting halfway between the æsthetics of a boxing match, a rap music video, a nerdy laboratory test and a talent show / reality TV program.
The spot was shot in Kiev (Ukraine), where we collaborated with ultra-dedicated production crew Family Production to create the set, secure additional talent, manage robotics performance and additional props including fireworks (Yay!).
Visual effects, color grading, 3D renders and post-production work were performed at Mikros Image in Paris.
The campaign was released both on television and digital outlets in The U.K., Italy and Ireland, and was distributed globally through Bic’s digital and social media platforms. 
The campaign was received with great enthusiasm, generating significant and far-reaching awareness and visibility about Bic’s “Gel-ocity Quick Dry” pen, while reinforcing Bic’s position as one of the world’s top 10 pen companies.
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