Following up to their successful collaboration on the music video for “Millions” - the first single from rapper Doums’ “Pilote & Co” album - Doums invited Jules Renault to collaborate again on his visuals, this time to direct the video for the album’s lead single, a highly-anticipated duo with French rap megastar Nekfeu.
The video was shot in Bamako (Mali, West Africa), and depicts a fictional tale of jealousy eating up the relationship between two young lovers, set between the raucous nightlife of Mali’s throbbing capital, romantic moments along the Niger river, and electric appearances by Doums and Nekfeu performing on stage at a local show, in the back of a moving car as well as on top of a hill overlooking the capital, during a real-life tropical thunderstorm.
The video was released on Doums’ YouTube platform and distributed across key media outlets, and is expected to quickly become the biggest window of exposure for the “Pilote & Co” album as well as the most viewed video of the rapper’s promising career.
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