This is a very special one. A few years ago I started writing a short documentary during pandemic in Guadalupe. The Caribbean’s tuning and motor culture is very strong and got its unique and distinct aesthetics. I got in touch with Bikergirls 971, a group of female riders who introduced me to Jenna Sahai and her remarkable 5 years old daughter Tehani.

I felt instantly in love with their story, their strong mother-daughter bond, and their shared passion for motorcycles from such a young age. It was evident that Tehani took a great pride in her mother, and a desire to be a part of the “bikelife”. I saw an opportunity to document the bikelife in Guadalupe through the prism of woman and their place in a world mainly portrayed as a manhood environment.

However, due to my daily jobs and other projects, I had to sadly put it on hold for a little while. Then my talented friend Taloula reached me this summer and had a dope album to make me listen to  B.I.W.F. came to my ears as a subtle anthem to woman’s empowerment and I thought about my short documentary called “Eritaj”. What if we could adapt this documentary to a music video that goes visually against the R&B and Soul stereotypes ?

Taloula was genuinely reluctant to the concept considering the iconic Rosalia Motomami album which brought the woman’s bikelife culture and its visuals to another level. But this one resonates a bit different I think. Taloula trusted me and thanks to my all time partner in crime producer Charlotte Giral, we were all 5 in Gwada for an exhausting yet marvelous adventure.


Directed by Jules Renault 
DOP Hugo Ghnassia 
Produced by Morning Dew Music 

Executive production : Soldats Films
Executive producer : Charlotte Giral 
Editor : Jules Renault 
Grading : Zoé Fisherman 
Sound mix : Romain Baronnet 
Graphic Designer : Aubin Maurier

Line producer : Laurianne Metais
1st AC : Paul Rasmussen 
Styliste : Mathilde Fouquet 
Hair & Makeup : Taloula 
Red & Black Outfit : CIWEN 
Braids : Tyeesha Taylor-Scott

Starring : Tehani Ceva and Jenna Sahai

Camera & Light : Vantage Paris - Turtle Max Caraïbes 
Laboratory : Silverway 

The all team want to thanks : André L’ecclesiaste - Navioboat - Circuit moto cross de Merlande - Bikergirls971 - Le petit New York - Christophe Ceva